Electric Bike (Warranty Oct 2024)

Electric bike in Yealand Conyers , Lancashire

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Selling my Woosh Camino electric bike (bought in Oct 2023). Was bought as a car replacement but now we live too far so I won't be using it anymore, I'll be riding my normal bicycle instead. Odometer shows 511 miles at the moment, might be higher at point of sale. These motors are meant to last around 10,000 miles so plenty of life left.

The battery is 17AH (around 60 miles on flat ground, 45 on hilly roads is my experience). It's quite comfortable to ride, and best for riders above 5'8. The bike also comes with mudguards and a back rack that's useful for carrying stuff in panniers.

While Woosh is not as well a known brand as main bicycle brands (like Trek or Specialized), they offer excellent online support for dealing with issues with bicycles, which is in contrast with most e-bike dealers. The bike is purpose built to work with the conversion kits that they sell, meaning that replacement parts are readily available online. They also use extremely common e-bike parts that are cheaper than most main brand built parts. I have both keys for the battery as well as all the manuals and original charger.

Only bank transfers accepted, and will ask for a full deposit for any test rides. Open to offers.

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Electric Bike (Warranty Oct 2024) Electric Bike (Warranty Oct 2024) Electric Bike (Warranty Oct 2024) Electric Bike (Warranty Oct 2024) Electric Bike (Warranty Oct 2024)