Vintage Classic Ladies retro bike 3 speed bicycle

Commuter in Queenborough , Kent

City Bike / Commuter

Usual scratches to paint due to use.
Been in garage.
3 speed Sturmey Archer gears.
Sturmey archer Hub - it appears to be dated of 9/ 81, although it could be 9/ 61 but hard to tell.
The pedals do not have reflectors, which dates the bike pre 1984.

21 Inch frame.
26 inch wheels

Needs a little bit of TLC, brake and gear adjustment.
Maybe a spoke tighten here and there and mudguard adjustment.

Gear toggle moves freely in and out but gear cable is slack, needs adjusting or replacing. You can still buy these new.
Chain can do with a bit of oil and greasing.
Wheels move freely.
Good tyres, both hold air, although may need pumping up a bit.

Lovely easy restoration for the summer and a great way of getting into the retro bike scene.