Tenways CGO 600

Electric bike in Coventry , west midlands

City Bike / Electric bike

Tenways cgo 600 carbon belt drive great commuter bike single speed with 3 levels of assist only done 80 miles. Will also come with the added extra of a spare rear wheel / hub motor.

Agile commuter e-bike that suits every style of life. This nimble e-bike is powerful enough to weave through the crowded streets, and lightweight enough to be lifted by a single hand.
The powered ride is silky smooth and lightweight, and if you do decide to turn the power off, enjoy the CGO600 like a regular bike.
Kick-start your commute with an instant motor boost. Enjoy assistance that comes with no delay.
The CGO600 senses your every move and matches your pace, amplifying the fun. Experience the freedom of assisted urban exploration.
The 250W brushless hub motor is stealthy and smooth. Hear no more than a slight hum at the max power output.

The Gates Carbon Belt is reliable, and never slips. The belt drive train offers 30,000km (18,600 miles) of care-free travel.
Magnetic Torque Sensor will translate your every movement into smooth motor power. A necessity for minor slopes, and a luxury for flat commutes

Motor - Mivice M070 250W Rear Hub Motor
Seneor - Mivice S200 Torque Sensor
Display - Compact OLED Display
Battery - 36V, 7AH Lithium-ion battery with Samsung/LG/Panasonic cells
Controller - Mivice C201 Controller
Performance Top Speed 25 km/h or 16 mph
*The motor will stop giving assist at the stated top speed. You can still ride beyond the stated top speed with pure muscle power. This limit is set in accordance with local regulations.
Range - Up to 70 km (43 miles) range*
*Actual performance will vary depending on temperature, road conditions, rider's weight, etc.

Frame - 6061 Aluminium Frame
Front Fork - 6061 Aluminium Front Fork
Crankset - Gates CDX Crankset
Drivetrain - Single-speed Drivetrain Gates CDN Carbon Belt
Tires - CST Puncture-proof 700C-size Tires
Bottom Bracket - Fully-concealed Bottom Bracket
Wheels - 700C Aluminium Rims
Brake - TEKTRO Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Net weight: 15 kg/ 33.1 lbs
Full weight: 16 kg/ 35.2 lbs

Size M

Tenways CGO 600 Tenways CGO 600 Tenways CGO 600 Tenways CGO 600 Tenways CGO 600 Tenways CGO 600