Stunning modified cruiser bicycle

Cruiser in Godmanchester , Cambridgeshire

City Bike / Cruiser

This stunning looking bicycle started life as a 'Cruiser'. I bought it 9 years ago and did some major modifications on it to make it an exceptionally easy comfortable ride. It's quite tall as indicated by the 1M rule stood in the middle to give you perspective. I'm 6' tall.

I changed the handlebar stem and the handlebars from 'Bombers' to 'Ape Hangers' and installed brushed aluminium hand-grips which really look ace. I changed the saddle to a Brooks B67 which is sprung for an exceptionally comfortable ride, especially when the front wheel spring suspension is taken into account. It 'floats' along. Brooks make the best leather saddles in the world as far as I know. I also changed the seat stem to the angled one shown in the picture to position the saddle further back. The bike has only ever been outside in good weather and is in exceptional condition. It is all chrome and black including the mudguards and chain guard. It has six gears and fat white-wall tyres. It's not a lightweight bike but It wasn't designed for racing around, just cruising around looking cool as ****!
I bought this bike from a guy who'd won it in a raffle at a famous Manchester bike shop, it was brand new. The only means of identification is a sticker on the frame which says 'Distributed by Ridelow Cycles'. Everywhere I've been on this bike, it has attracted serious attention. One 12 year old kid I rode past last year said "wow, that bike is sick"! Sadly, I'm an old duffer who didn't know what he meant and thought he was saying something bad about it!
It comes with all the original parts (except the saddle which I binned) should you wish to change it back, which I doubt. It also has high-quality lights and a cable lock and key.
I'm only selling this because circumstances dictate that I have to. I'm gutted to lose it. Have a look on the internet and see what you get for £250. You won't find ANYTHING like this, it's a one-off.
Buyer to collect - Prestwich