Electric Tricycle 2 child Seats & Belts Rain Hood

Electric bike in Newtown , Sir Powys

City Bike / Electric bike

Adult ELECTRIC Trike with 2 SAFE forward facing child seats at rear.
Saftey Harnace and Weather Protection Hood for passengers

You can take two children (from 18 months to 7 years) at the back; You love cycling but have more than one child to transport; The Trike is completely stable and safe – no wobbling around, no need to balance!; It's great exercise; It's good for the environment – minimise your carbon footprint; It's a fun way to get around – your kids will love it and so will you; Your kids face forward and can see where they’re going, but they're behind you so you’re the first to see danger/trouble and if you attach a Mini Front Seat baby carrier, the baby is still behind the handlebars and so is protected by them and your body; Your kids are high enough to be visible to cars and other road users; No congestion charge to pay if you live in London

This one is fitted with an electric motor to take all of the stress out of riding 36V powerful motor for effortless performance.

Also available WITOUT electric motor assistance as a normal Tricycle (from £975...please enquire)

Uk delivery from £45