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Volt Easy Go pedal assist folding electric bike. Only 186km done from new. Weight only 17kg. Twist gear change has been replaced with thumb shifters.
Tyres upgraded to Schwalbe Marathons.
Giara Royal gel padded seat added for comfort.
Cost over £1200 new. 2015 model.
All following details are from the website:-
The Easy Motion EasyGo Volt is brand new for 2016. The engineers at BH bicycles designed one the lightest and most compact electric bicycle in the market. The EasyGo Volt was designed not only to give great performance but to allow for a comfortable fit regardless of the riders height by offering an extra long adjustable seat post and handlebar stem.
The Easy Motion EasyGo Volt folds up into a compact package that easily fits into any automobile, camper, boat or storage locker.
While small and compact the Easy Motion EasyGo Volt is loaded with premium components. Each bike features a powerful 250 watt high torque rear hub, Samsung lithium Ion battery that is both portable and can be recharged from empty to 80% in just 90 minutes! While most bikes in this category use a cadence sensor or just throttle assist, the EasyGo Volt uses the the state of the art TMM torque sensor pedal assist for a ride that is incredibly smooth and precise. Like all Easy Motion electric bikes the EasyGo Volt is backed up by a 5 year year warranty.
The battery can be charged from the battery itself. Allowing a rapid charge to 80% of the capacity in 1.5 hours
Automatic Care System
The integrated batteries incorporate a BMS (Battery Management System) of high performance offering a very controlled consumption and lengthening the useful life of the battery in the case of not being used for long periods.
The deep sleep mode is automatically activated and allows that a battery with just 10% of its charge can be recharged up to 400 days later.
It incorporates a compact gear motor that allows optimal integration without visual impact and coupling without sacrificing performance. In turn it allows a standard Q factor transmission, not offering any type of resistance in the "no assistance" mode and allows a conventional gear-set - double or triple plates.
The torque sensor integrated into the rear leg offers maximum precision and allows the system to provide jerk-free, powerful, reactive assistance. It includes the "Zero Reset Function" that maintains the self-calibration of the sensor. The rotation sensor is located in the motor and measures the speed of the unit, providing the system with more information for optimizing the assistance.
It incorporates these functions: ? Autonomy information, battery capacity in %, time, speed, total or journey distance. ? Selection of assistance mode (eco, standard, sport and boost) ? Switch lights on/off. ? Accelerator up to 6km/h. ? Wheel adjustments and those of the system between kilometers / miles.