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Electric Bike Super Strong Large Load Carrying Gazelle Innergy XT (Extra Torque)
Well, this isn't you are going to see again on here for a month of Sundays
If Rolls Royce were to manufacture an electric bike, this would be it.
As far as we know, this is the most luxurious, well specked and strongest production electric assist bicycle ever made....
If there had been a better one, my Husband would have bought it.
Before I go in to the specification, for which I am bound to forget plenty, let me say why he bought this Dutch style and manufactured bike.
Needing a hernia operation but being too heavy to have one, he was in a catch 22. He could not exercise due to his hernia nor could he have an operation due to his weight at 21 stone....
He desperately needed to exercise and yet was too heavy for normal bicycles and too weak to peddle one for any long distance even if the strength of a normal bike could take his weight.
So we endeavoured on our search and came up with this option. The absolute bees knees of electric assist bikes with more than ample strength wise to not worry about the bike collapsing.....
1300 miles and three stone later, the job is done and his hernia op is over but, he has been told that trying to lift this bike in and out of trains as he has done, would do him no good.
After his op - he decided to take up as a part time student at Leeds University and decided to buy a non electric bike.
Nice as it was, this very strong normal bikes handlebars began to bend as he mounted the cycle....
Just goes to show what might have happened on a normal bike with another three stone on him......
So, along with this bike with the bent handlebar (in another auction) this super strong electric assist bicycle is up for sale.
It has, amongst its features:
The lockable gold Battery (replaced a few months ago under warranty) which is good for about 80 miles (speed, weights and winds allowing)
Big sprung saddle
24 gears, although, as mentioned before, the indicator to tell you which set of 8 gears you are in currently does not work)
chain guard
mud guards
integrated electric lights (as good as on a scooter)
integrated anti theft lock
pannier bag rack
a total of 12 power settings to suit every ride, rider, gradient, wind or eventuality.
Power assist set just past the legal maximum which is to 15 mph but stops assisting at just under 16mph.
Talking about power assist and to give an idea as to how helpful this is. I myself am an exceedingly athletic and sporty person. In my age group I am in the top ten in the country for my competitive sport of swimming.
Yet, I have trouble keeping up with my Husband doing the 18 mile trip around the roads of Clumber Park. Granted, that was on my mountain bike and not my road bike but it gives you an idea how much power those electric assist bikes can give.
Theoretically, the bike legally can only give as much as you yourself can input but, my Husband says, at lower speeds, the electric assist is giving more like 4 to 1 assist power at the top setting (by setting top setting along with telling the bike you want to travel uphill and with a head wind)
I guess this is cheating and may be even cheating the system somewhat but my Husband has certainly enjoyed it and taken advantage of it......
XT - extra torque.
My Husband did not only go for the best specification bike there was but also chose this extra torque version not only, as he said, it would assist him to ride better but also, the longevity of an extra torque motor was always going to be better.
Hourometer (OK - made up word) Hour Meter....
A thorough inspection and test is encouraged. This item is non returnable and therefore a most thorough inspection and trial is encouraged before departing.....
This is a pick up only item from our home just north side of Doncaster.
We are in a position to assist with our bike carrier for very local purchasers only although we may well be placing this top of the range carrier on eBay too if you so want it.....
This bike was bought from and serviced by, Cycle Heaven of York who, I am sure, would be also more than happy to help with inquiries from a prospective new owner of one of their machines.....
Gazelle are a renowned manufacturer of distinctively quality bicycles.
Another reason my Husband chose this brand was because they are such a well known and respected make that ensured that second hand values remained high do to their demand....
A bit like a Mercedes if this makes any sense - rather than a Rover.....
It measures as follows - measurements taken from the frame internally between the posts:
Electric Bike Super Strong Large Load Carrying Gazelle XT Electric Bike Super Strong Large Load Carrying Gazelle XT Electric Bike Super Strong Large Load Carrying Gazelle XT