Echo SL Hydraulic Rim Brakes Pair, Trials / MTB, RRP £220!

Pair of bakes in Southport , Sefton

Cycling Component / Pair of bakes

Postage possible, please contact me :)
These brakes are absolutely fantastic!
Titanium bolts fitted.
I believe these are the lightest hydraulic rim brakes you can buy!
Powerful enough for trials riding, light enough for cross country riding.
In excellent 'near new' condition, only used for 3 rides.
These are basically a super lightweight version of Magura HS33's, and can be fitted / used in the same way, using the same mounting adapters and pads.
Here are the specs from Tarty Bikes website:
- Light weight hydraulic rim brake from Echo!
- Packed with lots of clever weight saving ideas while keeping high performance a priority.
- Custom 14mm piston is the same size as standard HS33 brakes.
- TPA adjuster is easy to adjust and ideally positioned behind the blade, out of the way from knocks.
- Titanium bleed and lever clamp bolts.
- Lever blade design offers 29% more power than a standard 2005 HS33 brake with 2-finger blade, and 12% more than the same brake with a 4-finger blade.
- Available with either 80cm (front) 120cm (rear) hoses.
- Slave cylinders are 5mm less wide than Magura HS33 models, offering improved crank clearance on tight setups.
- No brake mounts, pads or cylinder washers are included.
- Comes fully bled with mineral oil and can only be run on mineral oil.
- Weight: 185.7g (front), 195.6g (rear).
These brakes sell for around £220 a pair online.
Please note, the first picture is a stock picture of the exact same model of brake, taken from the internet (I'm not very good at photography). The second picture is an actual picture of the brakes for sale .
I may be able to supply some suitable brake pads / mounting brackets if you need them, let me know what you need and I'll give you a price if I have any :)
Viewing before you buy is welcome.
Thanks for stopping by :)