Cycle Panniers and Lowrider Pannier Rack - VGC

Bike rack in Chelmsford , Essex

Cycling Equipment / Bike rack

One pair of large Freeman Countryman cycle panniers in very good condition, hardly used and a lowrider front pannier rack complete with box and a bag of fittings.. also in very good condition.

Perfect addition to your touring bike to make the most of our summer on your longer trips.

I used the panniers on a rear rack and smaller panniers on the front.. but these could be used on the front too.
When I first used this setup on my bike I was very wary of having the extra weight on my front (and steering) wheel. Not a problem! The weight is low down and you hardly know it's there. Obviously keep weight distributed between the two panniers.

Buyer collects or pays postage/insurance as required.