Chopper Bike

Cruiser in Market Harborough , Leicestershire

City Bike / Cruiser

In new out of the box condition,
The Raleigh Chopper is back. Did it ever really go away? For many 40-something, child-at-heart men, probably not.
The latest version is a thoroughly modern take on the old classic from the 1970s and 80s. Superficially, it looks very similar to the original with those upright ‘ape hanger’ handlebars, little 16-inch front wheel, 20-inch back wheel and saddle backrest, but the 2015 Raleigh Chopper Hot One is a different machine.
The Hot One features aluminium rather than steel frame, mountain bike V-brakes, an easily-adjustable (and changeable) saddle and derailleur gears rather than three-speed hub gears.
The lack of central-mounted gear shifter, which has been replaced by a modern handlebar-mounted twist-shifter.