blue city Bike (Raleigh)

Commuter in Londres , Greater London

City Bike / Commuter

I am selling my bike as I am moving out.

It is in very good working condition, I used it this entire year for commuting without having any issues. Very pleasant and safe to use in the city or even for bike trips.

The price reflects the fact that this is a robust and reliable bike, ready to use with nothing to replace or repair, fully equipped.

The bike was painted in blue when I bought it last year (fixed as new) but unfortunately, there are some scratch marks as the paint comes off on the frame.

Here some information:
- *brand*: Raleigh "Metropolitain"
- *tyre*: 700x35C
Back tyre has been replaced a couple of months ago
- *brakes*: backpedal brakes (back brakes) + hand brake with brake pads (front brakes) => The backpedalling may be unusual at first but it is very quick to get used to it: it has the advantage to provide more efficient braking and not to be wore out (like brake pads). And unlike a Fixie bike, this is here freewheel, so the pedals move only if you pedal.
- *gear*: internal-gear hub with 3 gears. So it has no derailleur which prevents any risk of derail and one can change the gear even when the bike is stopped (convenient in the city at red lights)
- *equipment*: bicycle bell, a fixing system to install a front basket, a rear rack, a kickstand, front&back mud-guards (very useful especially here in London🌧☔)
- *size*: I am 1m80 so the saddle is high but it is totally adjustable and the frame bar is low to allow for basically any height.

Let me know if you have questions about the bike or if you'd like to have a look.

Size L

blue city Bike (Raleigh) blue city Bike (Raleigh) blue city Bike (Raleigh)