2015 Echo SL Trials Cranks - Brand New + Unused! RRP £130!

Chainset in Southport , Sefton

Cycling Component / Chainset

Postage possible, please contact me :)
2015 Echo SL cranks + spacers - Brand New!
Hi folks, here I have a brand new and unused set of 175mm 2015 Echo SL cranks in black.
They also come with the spacers, as pictured.
These are super lightweight top-end CNC'd cranks, really nice quality.
These cranks seem quite rare in black, they usually seem to be sold only in silver at most shops.
Please bear in mind, these cranks are designed to work with the Echo splined titanium freewheel and with press-fit bearing ISIS bottom brackets.
These cranks generally sell for around £130 ish elsewhere, as you can see if you shop online for them.
Viewing before you buy is welcome..
Super duper, and thanks for stopping by :)