13" Trek 3700 Hardtail Mountainbike

Teenager bike in Girvan , South Ayrshire

Kid's product / Teenager bike

For when the kids want to expand on their bike skills and want to hit the trails this is a great step up. Comes with 13" frame, 24 gears utilising trigger 'quick-fire' Shimano gears, hydraulic disc brakes giving you unstoppable braking whether in the dry or wet mud, and a quick release saddle. If you just want a bicycle for going to and fro the shops (which it'll do fine, incidentally) then there are more cost effective bikes- this is a proper mountainbike. My son is 5' 4 so he's just outgrown it if this helps but come and see if you're local. No obligation but you'll be impressed with this bike. Only slight damage, which I must mention, is a small tear on saddle. Otherwise it's A1.